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NWA/TNA Predictions

You want someone to win? Then let us know!

TNA PPV Predictions
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Hey peeps. This is the NWA/TNA counterpart of the wrestling predictions community series devoted to predicting who will win what at NWA/TNA matches. No one gets money through this community, but people have fun in this community.

Besides, it's fun to debate over PPV matches.

The community works like this:

After Impact Friday night, I will post the TNA PPV matches for the week.

You get one to three points per correct prediction choice.

Immediately after the PPV, your total points will determine what type of winner you are. At the end of the month, all the points you earned are tallied up, and the member with the most points is entered in TNA Predictions hall of fame.

Now, to join the community, you gotta realize this:

#1:andrewrotten and thebolt are the only people that can post LJ entries in this community. If, for some odd reason, we find an LJ entry not from ourselvees, it will be deleted.


#3:When predicting a winner for a match...YOU MUST PICK ONE winner. Or you won't get ANY points for that match...unless the match happens to end in a DQ.

#4: I have zero tolerance for people acting like jerks in the community. So don't act like a jerk, or I'll ask you to leave the community. If I feel that you've had enough time to leave, but didn't, I'll ban you from this community. Strict, but I want this community to be FUN.

#5:To make comments, you gotta join the community.

#6:Any PPV card updated in this community after 24 hours is instantly finalized. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

That's it ^^

Sound fun? Get all that? All righty!

Founded by nitromv.
Moderated by thebolt and andrewrotten.

nwatna owned and operated by etherpunk